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Your family

Dear Daughters,

I'm not the only one who loves and misses you. Your grandmother, grandfather, Aunt S and Uncle S love and miss you too! They want to tell you how special you two are. Do you remember spending time with them at the beach house or even at their apartment in Alex? Aunt S and Uncle S miss you too! They wish they could tell you both how much fun you are. Do you remember playing with Uncle S' kids? Your cousins are growing up to be so big! I wonder who might be taller now, A, or your cousins?

You have an incredible family who are eager to talk with you, give you love and hear about the things you both are interested in. They tried calling but your mom blocked them too. No matter how much time passes, you will forever have a family who cares about you.

Please know that we all love you H, and A.

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