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Your Day.

For H:

How is your day going? I imagine that since you've gotten settled into your new school, you have some friends over to your house and talk and talk and talk :-) Maybe you guys would talk about your classmates, teachers and things you can't wait to do in, go to Japan! Maybe after your homework, you created an amazing anime design! Maybe you named it something funny. What would you name it? Maybe "Rika" after the spice called "paprika" or something as creative and random as that ;-)

For A:

How is your day going? I imagine you had a great day filled with smiles! Maybe you won a round of tennis! Or, maybe you got the top grade in English! You're excellent at both tennis and English. You're smart and wonderfully athletic. I love your energy! Whatever it was that you did with your day, I hope you had a happy one.

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