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You may have questions before this next hearing

My Dear H and A,

Bethany and I want to wish you both, mommy and Sjaak all the best for this new year. Since you spoke with Anne Marie Beijersbergen in 2020, I have thought a lot about how some things have upset or angered you both. I'm sorry we haven't been able to talk about this. I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to see or be together for a long time.

Your updates and photos made me very proud of you both. I am excited to read about your experiences, emotions, and interests in your new life! Being able to adapt your life in the Netherlands, with a different culture, lifestyle, and language in just a few years is absolutely remarkable. It takes strength, intelligence, and openness that I know you both have.

The love, care and support you get from mommy and Sjaak fill me with joy. I accept that you both are building a very special life with them. I am not trying to separate any of you. There is no reason to be afraid that I will try to force you to live with me in Canada. I never did and I never will. It is okay to stay in the Netherlands.

I love you both very much. I’ve been trying to make a better life and a better future for all of us together – this doesn’t mean we must live in the same country. No matter the distance, I want to support you and share our lives together. We can do this online and visit each other.

I believe we can become part of each others' lives again in the coming year, especially with the help we need to support us in our reunification as a family.

With lots of Love, Dad & Bethany

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