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❤️❤️❤️ Where's your face?!? ❤️❤️❤️

Dearest Daughters,

You may have noticed a change in your photos... It's a little hard to miss! 😂 Where we used to see your brilliant faces, I have put a loving heart. Where we used to see your special names, I put the first initial of your names. This is to protect your privacy again. 💕

Your mother's lawyer shared her wishes that your privacy be preserved. I respect her request; so, on the very same day as getting her preferences, I changed the photos and names. You may be wondering why I put your names and faces in the first place? Well, please remember that in the first place I didn't put your names or faces. 💞 But a few months later when I couldn't find you, I got worried. I needed to try every way I could to find you. Including your photos in this blog for you was one of those ways to find you. 💓

Before posting your photos, I wish I could have talked with you about what you think about having your pictures online. Even now, I'd still like to ask you what you think of seeing your photos on this website. Do you have any preferences? Do you post your own pictures on social media, like tiktok or snapchat? If I've made you feel uncomfortable by posting your pictures on this website, I am truly sorry. If you're okay with it, then I can remove the hearts to show your smiling and bright faces when you're 18. 💝 Let's respect your mom's wishes together. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and opinions, no matter what they are! 💖


Your Dad

Do you remember getting your first ever mani/pedi? This day was a tough one for us all because it was the day your mom and I told you about our divorce. You two are both so strong AND so pretty!

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