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Two Months

My dearest daughters,

So much must be happening with you and I'm missing it. I've missed two months of being part of what you're going through, the highs and the lows at school, with friends, with teachers, fun games at home, adventurous outings in the city, everything. It's just incomprehensible that our time apart can be measured in months now.

I said in a different post a month ago that I've been giving your mom the chance to change her mind. I struggled with that but it's so important that your mom and I are on the same page. Right now, I'm trying a friendly approach, a peaceful approach. I want her to willingly unblock my number so that you and I can talk.

Her problems with me are her problems, not yours. You shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of her anger towards me. I'm sorry that it's been two months. I'm sorry that you're in this position. It's not fair. It's not right. I'm not willing to wait forever for her to unblock me. My patience is wearing thin because I'm missing this precious time with you.

H and A, you both are everything to me. You're the most important people in my life and the ones I love most. All I want to do is tell you that I love you.

Always yours,


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