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Thinking of you...always

The flowers in these pictures reminds me of each of you gals!

Until not too long ago, I didn't really know much about flowers and the differences between them. Before coming to Canada, all flowers were roses to me - influenced by the way we call a flower, a rose in Arabic - "Warda وردة"!

Living in Canada and seeing the flowers bloom especially in the spring and summer times has taught me a lot about flowers. I learned each rose has different names, and different in special way, just like you both.

You both are two flowers, each is unique and different in your own way!

H - you are so clever and smart, sensitive, you focus on your grades and care about doing well, you can learn things quickly and are very good thinking outside the box (remember the escape room we did together?), you have a strong personality, & mind!

A - you are so bright and creative, you have an amazing sense of humor, you are smart, fun to be with and around, you always bring people together and put smiles on their faces in a creative memorable way, you have so many layers, you are sensitive, cheerful, and loving!

Do you have a favorite flower?



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