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The most wonderful thing

Dear daughters,

What is the most wonderful thing that you have experienced? Maybe you got an "A" on an extremely difficult exam! Or, maybe you cooked the most delectable dish! Or, maybe you sang a song with your beautiful voices and gave people goosebumps! I would love to hear your answers <3

What about the most wonderful thing you WANT to happen? Maybe you want to travel to a special place! Or, maybe you want to spend time with an old friend! Or, maybe you want to go on a date with someone special??? ;-) I promise, I won't tell :-P

For me, the most wonderful thing that happened is easy to choose... it was when you made me a Dad. Being your Dad is overwhelmingly the most wonderful thing in the world. Aaaaaand, I bet you can guess what the most wonderful thing I want to happen is.... connecting with you! Those questions were too easy. ;-) I wonder what questions you would have for me. I hope to hear them soon!

With lots of love,


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