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The Moon and the Stars

Dear girls,

What are your thoughts on horoscopes? You know, horoscopes as in how someone believes they can get personal information about themselves or other people based observing the location of the stars and planets... horoscopes.

So, today, H, your horoscope says:

You could need to eliminate a hassle. You might not even register others' concerns, as they might not appear logical to you. Assume that others are coming from a centered space. Tonight: Let go and relax. Make great weekend plans.

What parts of that are true or untrue? Could you say that to anybody and have just as much of it be true? Are you going to make great weekend plans because your horoscope says you should?

And, today, A, your horoscope says:

Be more forthright with another person about how much you might be willing to spend. Your honesty could prevent a hassle. You have a way of presenting yourself that draws others. Your enthusiasm and energy play a strong role in present events. Tonight: Run an errand on the way home.

Well, I don't think you'd be in a position to worry about spending money... but what about honesty? How do you think your enthusiasm and energy effect what's happening around you?

I personally don't believe that information from horoscopes are any more valid or reliable than getting advice from a magic 8 ball. But, I do think it's entertaining, just like a magic 8 ball! So, check out mine. Read the first sentence in my horoscope because it's very interesting!

Your mind could easily be on an impending event or trip. Try to stay present as much as you can. If you're questioning a decision, take your time. You could hear a lot more in the next few days. Tonight: Let your mind drift where it wants to go.

Guess what! My mind IS on an impending trip! In a couple weeks Bethany and I are planning a road trip to explore more of Canada! We want to learn more about the country and see more of it. Do you remember the trip we took to Southern Egypt? It'll be like that but we will see different things than ancient ruins from the Pharaoh's time.

I wish you were coming on this trip. It would make it a millions times better! I miss you and miss our time together.

Love always,


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