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The Endgame

Duh-duh duhhhhhhhhhh. This is the END...GAME! Who's going to live and who will die? Do you have tickets? Who are you going to see it with? So much excitement!!! How do you predict it will end? Are you a little sad this is the last one? Don't forget your popcorn! H, do you remember one time we went to the cinema and how kind you were? It was so sweet of you - you spent your own money on buying popcorn and you generously offered to share it with the whole group of people. I love seeing you grow up into such a giving and polite woman. Another time, we all went to see Jurassic Park. Do you remember that? A, you were so compassionate when one of the dinosaurs died. I love seeing how warmhearted of a person you are. Going to movies with you guys is the absolute best!

Lots of love,

Your Dad

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