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Have you ever heard of ThanksHalloweenGiving? :)

No? I don't blame you! ;) I think it is a new invention!

Remember when I told you about Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 8) being about a month and a half earlier than the American Thanksgiving (Nov 28) ? So, in between them Halloween happens on Oct 31, right? So, B & I came up with the idea that we host a thanksgiving dinner and everyone comes to dinner in custom!

For convenience, because everyone from B's family and her best friend - who is pregnant with her first baby - live in the USA, while I am the only one living in Canada, we decided to host it in the USA. T, B's friend graciously said we can use her home to cook and host the dinner, and despite being pregnant, she decorated the house in a very beautiful way!

I want to tell you about what every body went as, and I want to ask you If you were here, and part of this party/dinner/celebration, what would you go as?

I imagine you, H, going as a manga character or as your one and only favorite Jungkook from BTS, I see that happening with your relatively short hair and some cool make up! T is amazing with makeup! you won'y believe how well she can transform you!

What about you, A? I once saw this very cute chicken custom worn by B's niece, I think you would look so cool and funny in it, but I think it is a little too young for you! Hmmm, what else could you go as?

Oh, I know! Maybe you could go as Lara Croft - Tomb Raider? Your thick beautiful hair could be braided into a thick one, and just like Lara, you are cool, funny, and smart! I think it would be perfect! what do you think?

Here is the list of how everyone went as:

T (B's best friend): Sully from Monster's Inc. - Fun!

M (her husband): Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. - Fun!

J (B's younger brother - remember I showed you his picture and you said he looks like Harry Potter?): Horse! because he loves horsing around (Joking)

Si (B's older sister): Rosie the Riveter from the famous 1943 poster - strong and independent woman because that's who she is!

Me & B: Mac & Cheese! Because we are inseparable just like Mac and Cheese! Also you know I make a mean Mac n' Cheese, and B's favorite meal is Mac n' Cheese! :)

Also JP and S (B's older brother and his wife) and their 2 daughters E & M were there but there was no costumes involved because they were on a road trip from Oregon to their home in Richland, Washington. Also S is pregnant with their 3rd child too so it was hard to travel that long in costume, don't you think? ;)

Here are some pictures from the evening:

We got so excited with the funny costumes, we forgot to take pictures of the food! But I assure you it was as good as the one we made for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Well, this was a fun night, full of food, jokes, good company and elevated spirits. I want you to know, however, that I was thinking about you all the time and there was nothing I wanted more than for you two to be with me on that night! I wonder how much fun we could have had together? I bet loads and loads - just like we always do when we are together!

I wonder if you had a fun halloween celebration this year? Did the school throw a party? Did you go to a friend's house? Did you go trick or treating?

I wish you could share with me what's happening in your lives. I wish we could be talking and texting and live chatting like we used to, so I could stop guessing and wondering and start knowing and participating just like you & I deserve! I love you and miss you so much, and I am thinking about you all the time!



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