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Snowy Days

Dear daughters,

Being in Cairo right now, you probably can't imagine everything covered in a white blanket of show...or can you? Alia, do you remember when I took you to your friend's birthday party at Ski Cairo Mall? Hayatt, Bethany and I were watching you from behind the windows, and, you know what? You looked like a penguin out there! Lega, you looked all poofy wearing your big coat. 🤣 Do you remember how cold it was inside? Can you imagine the whole city as cold and beautiful as it was inside?

Well, check this out:

There's Leo, just as you know him, playing in the snow!! After we came back from the park, he was super sleepy and curled up by the tree. Doesn't he look warm?

I want to send you not just love, but warmth and joy. I imagine your smiling faces in Cairo's crisp winter. I hope to talk with you soon, my sweet daughters.

With love, warmth and joy,

Your Dad

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