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Sandy days

Dearest girls,

It's starting to get cold here! So, I've been remembering our sandy days at the beach house to help keep me warm! Do you remember when you made a whole neighborhood of sand castles?? I feel like the beach was our special place. I would always take you there to swim in both the sea and the pool! You both are strong swimmers and would practice your advanced skills when we went out into the crashing waves. Although A, you took some convincing, but you eventually would get encouraged and take it on!

The beach was, hands down, one of my favorite places to take you two. When you both were younger, you would bury me in sand and it was so cute how happy it made you guys. I can still hear your laughs and the sound of the waves. I wish we could go to the beach again!

H, do you remember sending me a collection of pictures of the swimming suits you were choosing between? I surprisingly loved them all! You have a classy sense of fashion - I'm privileged to say that since I'm sure it's rare for a dad of a pre-teen! I won't ever forget how happy you were when I got you one from your collection of options.

A, It's impressive how you've grown more and more daring over the years! Do you remember the only way you would come into the ocean was if I was holding you? Last time on the beach, we were going in side by side! Keep growing, A, keep pushing yourself to reach new limits. You are unstoppable and have the power of strength and determination!

I love you both so, so much,

Your Dad

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