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Your opinions, thoughts and feelings are so important to me. Not being able to talk with you and hearing those things is the hardest part. There are so many questions I want to ask you so that I can hear your answers. H, do you still think that one boy from class is cute? A, what did you decide about tennis - do you want to continue lessons or have you decided not to? And soooo many more questions! Right now, there is one question I need to ask you: what do you think if B and I moved to a house together in Vancouver?

This would never change how much I love you both and wish to spend time with you both. This would never change how much I miss you. Nothing in the world, no one in the world can change those things.

I will still call you both every morning in case your mom unblocks me. I've asked the rest of our family to continue calling too, in case your mom decides to unblock them too. My friends like Andre, Darina, Omran, Wael, and others have called a few times as well... Just so you know, there are lots of people out here who love you and care about you!

For now, all my questions remain unanswered. But, I'm hoping soon, all three of us can ask and answer each others' questions.

I love you H and A.

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