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Proud to be your Dad

My darling daughters,

This is dedicated to you on this very special day, Father's Day.

I love you,


When I heard the news of you, I did the things that most Daddies do. I opened up my heart so wide, For you to have a place inside. I tried to imagine the person you'd be, would you look or act like me? I thought of the things we would do, The times we'd share, just us two. I would hold your hand in mine, be your protector, strong yet kind. I would be your hero and friend, give advice on which you'd depend. I remember the day you were born, I cradled a miracle, small and warm. What words I had were scarce and few, A tear was the best that I could do. Life gave me a moment so rare, Bursting with pride, love and care. I promised you then all that I had, See you are my child, I am your Dad.

Author: unknown

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