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Oh, Happy Day!

Guess what, girls!

Today is Canada Day! 🧨🧨 🧨🎆 So, Bethany and I spent some time downtown Vancouver exploring, enjoying music and going on a food truck tour. You know how I love music and and food! 😉 It was a fun day complete with a great fireworks show! I'm sure both would have loved it, too! H, I'm sure it would have been hard to choose which food trucks you'd want to try - there were so many! A, you would probably have had the opposite problem as H. You wouldn't want to try any new food, haha! But, you would have loved the amazing colors and size of the impressive fireworks!

If you were here, would you choose a Japadog (a hot dog with crazy toppings) or maybe something from "Mom's Grilled Cheese" food truck (grilled cheese sandwich with a tasty twist)? Have you tried a food truck recently? Would you rather have lunch from a food truck or from a sit-down restaurant?

What about fireworks? How do they make you feel? You know what? Fireworks can be somewhat controversial! Some people get scared of fireworks because of the noise. It can trigger negative feelings if someone was in a war and even scare some animals so they run away from home trying to escape from these scary noises. Other people know the smoke can hurt the environment. Do you think people should still celebrate with fireworks? If you could make a law, would you allow fireworks or ban them?

I wish we could talk about it. I want to hear your opinion. I want to listen to you.



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