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7 Months and Never Giving Up

H and A,

H, do you remember a long time ago, back in 2012, we decorated some eggs for fun? A, that was your first Easter! They were hilarious! I'd give anything to re-live that day. Well, I'd give anything to re-live any day with you two.

It's been 7 months since S has blocked us and the rest of your family from you. I had no idea your mom had been planning to cut us off from each other, no warning, no yellow flags, nothing. It's been almost a year since your mom cut us off from each other. I'm so sorry that we haven't been able to connect at all this entire amount of time. I've done literally all I could to change that. What all have I been doing to reconnect?

First, I gave your mom a chance to change her mind and allow us to talk again. I erroneously believed that after a certain amount of time she would realize that it's wrong to keep you from me. How long can a mother keep her children away from their whole family, the father, the grandparents, the aunt, uncle, cousins? She clearly didn't change her mind. But, it wasn't and still isn't up to S when to allow us to talk. It is our God-given right as father and daughter to have an unconditionally supportive, loving and nurturing relationship.

After it was clear I couldn't wait for S any more, I reached out to everyone who knows you... your family, teachers/admin and friends at school and neighbors. H, you might remember when one of your friends' parents gave you the phone when you were playing at her house. We spoke for a few minutes and I adored hearing your voice and hearing that you're okay! I love you and because I love you, I insist on seeing how you're doing. Eventually even their numbers were blocked when they tried calling you and months later their phones wouldn't even connect to yours...just like when I call.

When absolutely no one could get ahold of you, I turned to the internet. I continuously conduct several online and social media searches (H's old twitter, H's old blog, H's old instagram, gmail, google reverse image search, PS4 accounts). I've asked several IT fluent friends to search for both of you and even your mom online... nothing. I want to find you to tell you that I love you. I want to hear how you're doing, what's happening in your life, and support you.

I've exhausted every possible friendly approach to re-connect with you. But, I'm not giving up. I won't stop being your father, even if your mom says I can't be. I am here to support and love you unconditionally.

I'm afraid it's time to turn to something I never wanted to turn to. I see no other choice but to hire a lawyer. Girls, not only is it our God-given right to be in each other's lives, it's also our legal right. Ethically and legally, one parent cannot keep the other parent away from their children unless there has been abuse or drugs...of course, there has been neither of those in our life. So, what S is doing, keeping us away from each other, is both morally wrong and illegal.

I love you more than you know. I love you and that's why I insist on re-connecting with you. I will never give up on our father-daughter love and our right to be in each others' lives. You deserve to have a supporting, loving, nurturing and happy dad. That's me! I will never give up on the chance to be that for you again.

Always and forever yours,


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