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My Day

My Dear Daughters,

My day starts with thoughts of you. Every day you make my day a happy one just by being in my thoughts. I call you right when I wake up with the hope I can hear your voices and tell you that I love you. Then, I make my coffee. I started flavoring it with caramel and it's so delicious! But, do you know what the secret ingredient is? Allol's homemade coffee mug! I love using your special mug you decorated for me. <3 I go to work and wonder how you're doing in school. Do you like your classes and teachers? Are you preparing for your upcoming national examination? There are so many things in my day that make me think of you, sweets make me think of you, A. And music makes me think of you, H. I wish I could introduce you to my colleagues at work, like, how you met Andre while we were in Cairo. I wish I could meet your favorite classmates and you could invite them to play after school. At the end of the day, I have dinner and remember how much you guys loved my French Toast, even if wasn't for breakfast! Every memory of us together makes me smile :-)

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