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Murder Mystery Anyone?

How would you like to be a detective? H, I bet your attention to detail and great eye would catch so many clues! A, I bet your energy and friendliness would encourage the witnesses to tell us lots of important information when we interview them!

This past weekend was B's bday and do you know what we did to celebrate? We went to a murder mystery! Everyone was dressed up in costumes and played characters who would give us clues and information to solve the murder.... it was fun and a little silly! I think you both would have loved it :-D Have you every done anything like this? Do you like dressing up and acting? H, do you remember dressing up and singing one of the songs from the Sound of Music? A, do you remember dressing up as a witch for Halloween? Imagine dressing up with a magnifying glass, a hat and coat just like classic detectives and interviewing people as part of a game!

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