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I want to help you

Dear daughters,

You both are the most incredible people! You're strong and smart. But, it's okay not to feel strong all the time. It's okay to make mistakes and not know all the time. We all need a little help sometimes, maybe to vent or get advice or do something difficult. Maybe you're facing a new challenge and you're not sure how to conquer it yet. Maybe you have a choice to make and you don't know which option you should go with. It's okay to need or want help... I'll always be here for you... even to bounce ideas off of, to share your stress, to ask questions, anything. No matter how big or small your concern, I'm here for you.

Being there for you during hard times is just as important to me as being there with you and for you in happy times. We all face hard times but in different forms. Which things are hard for you right now? I could guess but it would be a shot in the dark... an issue with a friend? Maybe you're nervous or unsure about school starting? It could be a boy or boyfriend? ...I really don't know what you're facing and wish I could ask you. We can work through whatever you're facing together.

What do you need to feel as strong as you are? What can I help you with to know how powerful you are? I want to help you, always.


Your Dad

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