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🎂 Happy, Happy Birthday, A!!!!!!! 🎂

Happy 10th birthday, A!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

One of my favorite memories is on Christmas break when you were only 4 and a half years old. We went to Luxor and Aswan. We did a lot of site seeing which made you very happy - you’re such an adventurer getting so excited to see new things with me and H. What made you the happiest was to have tea with mint on the boat on the Nile…okay, I’ll call it what it really was: sugar water with hints of mint and tea 😂😂😂. Today, I am drinking tea with mint in your honor. I can't believe that you're turning 10! 🎈😄 🎉 Cheers to you and your adventurous spirit! 🤗

Check out some of your photos from that trip. The password is your grandfather's 1st name (my dad) in ALL CAPS (hint: it starts with M and ends with R)

P.S. The last time we celebrated your birthday together was 3 years ago. I understand the situation. I know that we will make new happy memories together again! 🎊 🎁 🎈 🤩 🍭 🍰 👑 🥳

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