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Happy 17th Birthday, Hayatt! <3

My Dearest and Most Lovely Daughter,

Happy 17th birthday! I can’t believe that I just wrote that. You, the amazing Hayatt, have turned 17 years old?! It's so hard to wrap my mind around that. Do you feel 17? Is this what you imagined 17 to look like? Has your favorite birthday cake changed as you got older? What about your favorite ways to celebrate this incredibly special day?

When you were a little girl, you LOVED going to the beach with me. You would get excited and rush me to get going so fast so that we could spend the most time we could on the beach and in the pool. I love that about you. Your excitement and laughter still echo in my ears to this day from all of those times we had fun on the beach.

Today, 6:45 am I woke up on Cannon Beach, Oregon - USA. No one was on the beach but me. The first thing I thought of was: “Wow! Hayatt would have loved this! What a beautiful view to wake up to!”

The smell of the freshness of the sea mixed with the famous smell of Pacific Northwest pine trees is magical. It's the best fresh air you could bring into your lungs. This video doesn’t do it justice but it is my attempt to give a little gift to you this year. If you were here with me, this special place is where I'd take you for your birthday.

Oh, how I wish you could be with me to enjoy it! I am looking forward for the time when we have more fun filled days at the beach, just the two of us. I know in my heart that day will come. Until it does, please know that I love you very much. My love for you is undying and unwavering. It is unconditional. No matter what happens, I will always love you.

Today is your day! You deserve only the happiest memories, tastiest cake and excitement and fun all around. My wish for you is to always have a memorable experience to celebrate your birthday <3 Happy Birthday, Hayatt!



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