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Happy 16th Birthday H!

🎂🎂🎂Happy Sweet 16th to my sweetest daughter! 🎂🎂🎂

Wait a minute - 16!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! This calls for a moment to stop and let it sink in!

Hopefully you are having a blast celebrating today by doing something you love like playing music, singing or even cooking! What a great cook you turned out to be! Do you remember those special birthday meals we had over the years? Like, one year just you and I went to Lord of the Wings. It was sooo good AND messy! 🤣

This year, I am celebrating your birthday by doing something else we loved doing together: play playstation!!! Even your Uncle Sherif is going to join this little PS party in your honor. We’re playing “Overwatch”. I think you’d like this game a lot, and, my favorite character reminds me of you because he is positive and cheerful. His name is “Lucio” who is a DJ healer on roller skates. My screen name on Playstation is Deathblade. You’ll probably recognize it from when we watched Brooklyn 99 together. Jake used it as his call sign when they were on the helicopter! We used to love watching that show together!!

Random thought: have you ever wondered how much your birthday celebration is affected by your actual birth “date”? Like, how a winter birthday celebration is totally different from a summer one. What would your birthday be like if it was in the winter or right in the heart of summer?

Have you thought about your birthdate and the possibilities that it brings? The weather is still nice and not too cold - even in Holland! So, you could choose to do something outside, and it is close to when school starts so you choose to celebrate at school with your friends!

Another great possibility I love is that we don’t have so much of an age difference. When you were little, I imagined how life would be when you turned 16. I thought: We’ll be able to do so much together because I’ll be able to keep up with your 16 year old pace…instead of trailing behind you out of breath. 😉 There’s still lots of time to spend together before I’m too old to keep up!!

Happy Birthday my Love! Here is to your continued happiness and success!



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