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H's International Restaurant

Dear H,

You would have loved this innovative restaurant Bethany and I went to! There were some things on the menu I bet you would want to add to your own special idea for a restaurant. The items on the menu merged two cultures and they were the most unexpected cultures. Can you guess? If you were to merge cuisines from two different cultures, which two cultures would you mix? Would you mix Mexican and Egyptian - it would be spice central! Would you mix French and Italian - not so unique, I'm afraid. What about Chinese and Indian?? Have you ever thought of fusing two cuisines like that before? Of course, it's different than your unique idea of your international restaurant. I wish your restaurant existed because it would be so delicious and would have something for everyone no matter what they would crave!

Are you still interested in creating that special restaurant? Maybe you've thought of specific dishes you would want to include. Maybe you've even cooked some of those specific dishes yourself! Or, maybe you've thought of another brilliant idea for a restaurant or a business. You're full of inspired and novel ideas. I hope to hear some of your newest ideas and thoughts soon. I miss talking with you about these things.



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