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For "H"

When you say that you love me I walk above the clouds Tell me about eternity just one more time When you say that you love me All I need is that one phrase That you’ll never change, just one more time.

You're like the whole world to me Hug me harder and more painfully That something that we shared And you can’t make it nothing I hope you don’t forget That you’re my

Day by day Summer, winter.

Even if you don’t know You got the best of me.

I know how much you love BTS. Do you remember that was the theme of your 12th birthday party I threw for you? We listened to BTS alllllll night that night! But this song, is special because it captures some feelings I have for you: wishing... wishing for a loving father-daughter relationship... wishing that you'll never change your love for me... and, wishing for a connection with you because you are as important to me as the world.

H... I miss you and love you more than you know. You are the most INCREDIBLE person! I know you will make this world a better place. I will always be here for you... no matter what... no matter when... no matter where. I love you and forever will.

From, Dad

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