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Dear H and A,

It's been over 4 months since we've been able to talk. I'm sure so much has happened and changed with you both. I wish you could tell me what is going on in this part of your life. What things have you learned and experienced over the past 4 months? I would love to be a part of your life again. You could tell me what you are practicing, what new places you've been to, new people you've met, new things you want to try and maybe some old things you miss.

There have been some big and happy changes here - like you may have read, in December, Bethany and I moved into a new house. So, I'm exploring a lot of Vancouver and am finding a lot of wonderful places nearby, like gorgeous cafes and delicious restaurants ... even a sushi place! As much as I love our new place, it's missing the most important thing in my life: you. I wish I could show it to you! You would fill it with the sound of your laughter and your fun energy!

I love and miss you both, so, so much.

Always yours,


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