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Dearest H and A,

Because it has been so long since we have talked and because I don't know what your mom is saying about me, I fear that you don't know or are forgetting the real me, your real dad. Let me tell you a few things about me.

The biggest part of me is you. You both will always be the biggest part of me, no matter how much time goes before we talk again, nothing changes that. I'm your Dad, someone who loves and supports you unconditionally. My purpose in life is to make your own life better. My mission is to teach you how to be safe, happy and successful.

So, what happened?

Before your mom and I got our divorce, we planned to move to Saudi. I got a job there; S and I agreed I would go first to prepare a suitable apartment, car and school. It took a few weeks but I was happy preparing these things for us. Do you remember me leaving to go to Saudi Arabia?

Your mom and I agreed to move to Saudi Arabia because my job would give me more money in order to save for our big move to Canada. We had chosen Canada together when we talked about creating the best future for you both. We looked for the safest, most promising country and worked hard on our application to move there permanently. Before we could all go to Canada, we needed more money. So, your mom and I decided to live in Saudi for a few years first. I made the big move there first and was eagerly preparing for your arrival with the perfect apartment, an international school, complete with the family car. We all, your mom, you both and I, even got our Canadian immigration papers! Everything was on track! The only thing was to book your ticket to come to Riyadh! :-D

However, that's when your mom and I learned our relationship wasn't as we originally believed. We didn't want to be a bad example for you two. Staying in an unhappy relationship isn't healthy. That's when your mom and I got a divorce. S decided not to move to Riyadh. I also learned that she didn't want to go to Canada. It was important that just because your mom and I chose different paths that we remained together and harmonious. Your mom and I agreed that you both would have the choice of staying in Cairo or moving with me to Canada but that no matter where you lived, you would visit the other parent during the summer. Do you remember when S and I sat down and talked with you about your options? Do you remember the pictures I showed you of Vancouver?

You both chose to stay with your mom and agreed to visit me and I visit you during summers until your first year of high school. You said you would move in with me during your first year of high school. I was happy to hear your opinions and to know you thought about what your best option was. Do you remember going out for ice cream after we talked about visiting and when you would move to Vancouver?

Then before I moved to Vancouver, I made sure you had a new iphone for you, H, and a new ipad, for you, A. I made sure you had the best internet option available so that we could talk anytime and every time we wanted. I made sure to talk with you about the important reasons of moving to Canada: how there are opportunities for education, open-mindedness, freedom of speech and safety which aren't present in Egypt. It is my responsibility and privilege to give you a better life.

Eventually, we said goodbye...for now...because we knew that we would see each other the upcoming summer. It was a hard year apart, really hard. But, finally, the time had come and we were re-united! <3 I got to spend the summer with you on the beach in Alex and got to take you to school in Cairo. I loved making your lunches and hearing how you liked your new school with the new classmates and teachers. You even met Bethany when she and her mom came to visit. We all did lots of fun things, like get pedicures, complete an escape room, watch movies, play CNUNO, paint mugs and much, much more!

It was impossible saying goodbye. Again, before I left, I made sure you, H, had a new phone so we could talk and, A, I fixed your ipad. We talked about our next visit and how you might even visit in Vancouver! I couldn't wait to see you again. I called you even before I left Egypt! We made plans to do your homework together, play online games together, watch movies together and more. I got a few days talking and playing games online with you both. But, then your mom said we can't talk that frequently. She and I argued about parental rights and our agreement when we got divorced. Our argument had nothing to do you. A couple days later she blocked me, your grandparents, your aunt and your uncle.

H and A, you deserve my support in whatever challenges you may be facing. You deserve my unconditional love. You deserve lessons I can teach you. You deserve my protection and help. You deserve to know who I really am. You are entitled to have both of your parents and I am fighting for those rights.

I want to connect with you as we used to. I miss you. I love you.

I hope to talk with you soon.

Always and forever yours,

Your Dad

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