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A's Sense of Adventure

Dear A,

Bethany, her sister and I went on a trip to the Zoo, and, wow! You would have gone nuts over exploring all the fun things to do and see! There were so many HUGE animals and tiny creatures to see! What is the biggest animal you've ever seen? Maybe a horse? Maybe a donkey? Oh my gosh, remember when we went horse-back riding and you rode that donkey? He was making so much noise and was complaining about moving! You said, "my donkey is honking!"

Anyway, we got to see some bison! Bison were the most absolute largest animal we got to see! I don't think you would want to ride the bison the way we rode the horses and donkey. Bison have a special place in North America's native culture. The bison were crucial (very, very important) to some tribes here because they would hunt and use them to create their clothing. There are some interesting museums here that show you how crucial bison were. Do you remember the Alexandria biblioteca I took you to?

That's something very special and unique about you, A. You have a great sense of adventure and would explore the zoo with just as much joy as the museum! Your adventurous spirit and curious nature makes you try new things. Like, the henna in the picture below! I wonder what new things you've tried recently. I hope you can tell me soon. I miss talking with you so much.

With love,


Do you know this animal? How many feathers do you think she has? We saw her at the zoo!

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