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A Good Dad

Dear girls,

H, your words about what makes a man a good dad when we were together in September have really stuck with me and help me recharge when I feel really down about missing time with you. I care about you, how you feel and what you think. Your opinion matters to me. I always want to hear what you think. And, I remember what you say. What you told me when we were together strengthens me and my devotion to reach out to you. If I could talk with you now, I'd ask you "what do you think makes a person good?"

A, remembering your gestures - the kisses on my hand and cheek, holding my hand, asking for hugs - is what brings me warmth, love, and complete and thorough happiness. I quite frequently think back to those little gestures you made, sometimes without even thinking about it ... your little hand reaching for mine. You're an exceptionally caring person and I love that you have that quality. I love you so very deeply and nothing can or will change that. If I could talk with you now, I'd ask you "can I have a hug?"

Love always,


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