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A big move!

Wow, I really wish I could talk with you both! Today's the big day...B and I are moving into a new place together and we are very excited to make this big move! She will be teaching in Vancouver and I will still be working at the hotel. This new house offers even more space and areas to play. It has its own yard, for us to BBQ in, and for Leo to have fun and run a round with us. There are two parks, each is one block away, that are so big and green. So, when you visit, you will be even more comfortable and have tons of fun! There's a super cool playground with lots of swings that, A, you would love. There is a public Library very close by that I think, H, you would love hanging out there and exploring all the books they have. I know you guys would have a great time here... except for moving the boxes! ;)

Every move I make, every step I take, I think of you guys. This time, I'm wondering if you would like it ... if you would be excited or nervous or what you would think about the new house...? I wish moving to this new place with B was something that you guys and I could talk about. I need to know how you feel about these life changes... but, I can't wait to hear what you think because your mom has blocked my number and the rest of your family's numbers. I wish I could hear what you think BEFORE making big moves like this but your mom has prevented that and I don't know how much longer your mom will keep you from me.

So, in the mean time, I keep calling every day at our usual time, just to try. I bring you and our happy memories everywhere with me. You are part of me. Just like how I'll bring those same memories with me to my new place with B. It is because of those joyful memories with you both that I can smile and feel that we're never truly apart.

I will always love you, unconditionally.


Me, climbing into the moving truck that I rented to move my stuff from my old apartment to the new house!

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