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My H and A,

Do you remember when I used to give Leo a bath in our backyard? Sometimes you guys would stay inside where it's nice and comfortably cool - I can't blame you, that AC was necessary- and sometimes you would come outside and help. Here's a picture from when you came outside to help and to keep me company while bathing Leo! No matter if we were cleaning Leo up or off on an adventure together, I love spending time with you. <3

You both always did the best you could with him. I remember Leo wasn't easy for you two to take care of. He has a lot of fur that was hard for you to brush and he is a big, strong dog. Your mom urged us to get a dog before our divorce. She really wanted one, and now, I'm grateful she strongly encouraged it. It's also wonderful that she within the past year has allowed you two to keep a kitty! I know how much you love Nubi and Nubi loves you. Please give Nubi a hug for me!

Love and kisses, from, Dad...and Leo!

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