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5 Months

Wow, five? Really? Five months. Do you know that in other words that is 156 days? So many things can happen within that time. I don't even know what's happened in your lives within these past 5 months! You might tell me about new friends and what's been happening with your long lasting friends. You might tell me about a new adventure you've gone on. You might tell me about a fight you've had. I can only imagine! It's not okay with me that I don't know what's happening, what you're facing. It's not okay with me that you're not getting my support and love.

It's been another tough month. Of course, I still call everyday. And, I've been trying some creative things in order to reach you. I won't write them here because S may actively block what I'm doing, what your grandma and grandpa are doing, what your cousins and aunt and uncle are doing. We're trying to reach you. Everyone here, your whole family, love you so much and want to tell you that they miss you.

Your Geddo would get all excited to have you visit and get the beach house all ready for you. Your Anna would smile so big, a smile only you two can bring to her face and cook something special.

Salma would be all energetic and get her camera ready for some epic pictures of you guys.

Uncle Sheriff would ask you about Fortnight and be ready to play games all day with you.

Your cousins? They would probably steal the games from you! 😉 No, they would love to ride bikes with you and watch movies with you.

Your old friends at Choueifat, BSE and Genius Dome miss you! They don't know where you went and told me to say hi to you.

So, "hello" from all your friends and family. We all love you and we all miss you so much!

Always yours,

Your family

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