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4 Months

My daughters H and A,

This isn't a happy post. I'm sorry. I've been feeling really low. I need you both in my life. I need to know how you're doing, what you're going through with your friends, what you're learning at school, what new dreams you have, what new things you're trying, what questions you have. I'm not doing well without connecting with you... but not being able to talk with you or spend time with you is only temporary.

I've been relying on my memory of our time together to keep going through this tough time. The memory of your smiles and your laughter helps! I love when you would tell me jokes and stories that didn't seem to have an end 😂 Remembering our time together helps! I promise to never give up reaching out to you. You're my daughters and you deserve my love and support. I'm your dad and I have the right to love you and talk with you.

Please remember that this isn't your fault. I'm serious. Neither of you have done anything wrong. Okay? This is an issue between me and your mom. I know that the three of us, H, A and I, will talk again soon. Don't forget things that happen so you can tell me, okay? I'll want to hear about everything you've seen and tried, gave and got, liked and disliked, everything! Don't forget! ♥️ 💗 💛 💙 💜 💚

I love you so, so much

Yours forever,


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