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3 Months

My H and A,

I wish I knew how you are feeling. I wish I could smile with you if you are feeling happy or give you a hug if you're feeling bad or sad. I've been feeling worse and worse as these days pass without talking with you, playing games with you, texting, swapping pictures, swapping voice notes, helping you with your homework, reading with you... I miss you so much, it hurts.

I've given your mom three months to change her mind to unblock us. I've tried. I've really tried. It's time now for me to accept that S will not willingly allow us to talk. She will not let us. Waiting for her is not an option any more because I've already waited. Missing any more time with you is not completely wrong and I refuse. I am going to do something beyond calling everyday and getting blocked everyday.

Please don't think that you're to blame. H, you've done nothing wrong. A, you've done nothing wrong either. You are both incredible, loving, and precious. You're in the middle of something between your me and your mom. I'm so sorry that you're being influenced because of this disagreement between S and I. It's not fair to any of us that you're in the middle of this.

I cannot wait to talk with you! I love you so much! I want to hear about everything! I want you to kick my butt on Clash Royale and Kahoot! You'll be able to tell me how you did at school and who your new favorite teacher is! I just can't wait!!

I love you!

Your dad

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