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10 Months

My dearest daughters,

This is not okay. It is not okay that we are not in each others' lives. It is not okay that I don't know where you are, where you're living, how you're living, who you're making friends with, what grades you got in school, what you need, what you're interested in or anything happening in your life. This is not right.

Neither of you have done anything wrong. It's not your fault. You're following your mom's directions and I know you don't want to get into trouble with her or argue with her. It's not your responsibility to fix her mistakes or fight for children's rightful connection with both parents. You haven't done anything wrong.

I haven't done anything wrong either. I have always wanted to be there for you and with you, listen to you, care for you, teach you things I've learned and explore new, exciting places and things together. I can't do that anymore because your mom blocked us, moved you to a new house and a new school.

It's in middle of July. This is supposed to be our special family time where we go somewhere, anywhere in Egypt or, this time, it was supposed to be Canada. I need time with you both. I love you! I need to make memories with you and hear about what's on your mind, what's happening with friends, what you want to learn about, what you're afraid of, everything and anything! The fact that we can't is not okay.

I can't wait. I'm not missing any more of your life. I'm won't not take care of you and give you the support and love you deserve. I won't ever be happy until we can be in each other's lives again. I won't ever be okay that we can't talk. I will fight until we re-connect, can spend time together doing everything we used to and more! Like exploring, going to the beach, playing UNO, Kahoot, trying restaurants, watching movies, sending pictures from our day, texting and talking about everything.

That's why our lawyer and I are working hard. I can't tell you exactly what we're working on because it's too early. But, we're working to re-unite us! The courts in Egypt take a long time... actually, I think they take a long time everywhere. It's a long process that I can't wait to be over.

I just want to tell you that I love you both, so, so, soooo much! I haven't and won't ever stop looking for you and working to re-unite us. It doesn't matter how long it takes. I'm fighting for us.



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