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This website isn't about who I am. My daughters, this site is for you and for us. You are my highest priority and everything I cherish most in the world. I'm here. I'll always be here for you. 

I understand the situation, my darling daughters. I'm here loving you. Nothing can or will change that. I promise you, I'll never stop loving you, no matter what happens and no matter how much time passes. At some point, we will be together again. I believe love and dedication always wins.

My email address is my dad's first name then dot then my first name You are very welcome to email me, and/or, if you still have my phone number, call/text me anytime.

I love you so very much. This website is with love for you, H and A. 

If you're reading this and not my two daughters, thank you for your support. And, I'm sorry, I cannot give advice on Parental Alienation or International Child Abduction.

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